GTA 5 – All the information you need to know

GTA 5 - All the information you need to know

GTA 5” is more than six and a half years old. Nevertheless, the game still rotates in many drives. Everything you need to know about Rockstar’s hit game.

The release of “Grand Theft Auto 5” in September 2013 was a milestone of video game history, the title sold like no other and continues to dominate today of countless gamers. This is not least because Rockstar Games regularly provides the multiplayer “GTA Online” with regular updates – and in terms of single-player DLC, too, the last word has not been spoken yet. Accordingly, it is worth six and a half years after the release of the game to keep track of current developments around the title. Read below what you should know about Rockstar’s hit.

GTA Online: Updates and Future Prospects

The regular updates and enhancements for “GTA Online” are one of the main reasons for the ongoing timeliness of the action title. What content is already available, what you can look forward to in the coming months and why you will not have fun forever in “GTA Online”, read in the following article.

GTA 5: More diversity through mods

“GTA 5” enjoys a lively modding community, which provides fresh wind in the long run. The number of unofficial extensions of the self-made brand is now considerable, ranging from simple fun effects to completely new game experiences. An overview of the most important modifications for “GTA 5” as well as tips on handling and installation can be found in the attached report.

GTA 5: The best tips and tricks

The way through Los Santos can be a difficult one. Achieving and discovering what Grand Theft Auto 5 has to offer requires commitment. If you want to make life a little easier, take a look at the most helpful tips and tricks. You will find this in the following article.

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GTA 5: test

It seems like a déjà-vu experience: first, in a lively character-interplay, you make a robbery in the snow-capped US province. Everything seems perfect, you have the coal in the bag. But the rest is completely out of control. Cops keep Michael, Trevor and two other comrades on the go, the team is separated – by deadly bullets or anti-heroic desertion. Almost ten years later, Michael is back on the psychiatrist’s sofa.

With a new identity and a new life in the lap of luxury: luxury villa in a prime location. A wife who has fallen into yoga (and the teachers). Plus a daunted daughter and a lazy video game nerd as a son – how much is the world?

Three is at least one too many

No wonder that an involuntary encounter with hobby gangster Franklin brings him back on the wrong track … Together start the frustrated by family problems ex-criminal and wealth-seeking offspring criminal from an idyllic Hood a criminal thing after the others. It looks like nothing can stop them. Until after a million-dollar jewelry robbery an old acquaintance in the TV news gets wind of it. Trevor. In need, become a fussy, “easily” irritable, is equally on human flesh and older women. Without further ado, he gives his friend, believed dead, a momentous visit. The mess, at least now it’s perfect.

Grand Theft Auto” fans notice it already: Where ” GTA 5 ” is on it, Franklin, Michael and Trevor are still in it as a chaotic total package. They experience the identical story, but still do not play the game the same way. In the next-gene run, the test target was clear: Do not waste too much money pointless. After all, the still sinfully expensive golf course wants to be paid in the posh Dorset Drive, the thing only costs a whopping 150 million. If there were not the weakness for lightly dressed ladies and wickedly expensive Nobel sleds.

Conclusion: GTA 5

This is what a successful porting looks like. The adventure of the notorious Chaos Commando is also fun in a new round through extraordinary experiences in the various scenes – despite identical story content. About 20 always entertaining campaign hours and numerous side missions captivate passionate video players still to the flicker box.

The new Ego view proves to be a successful option, which makes the open-world spectacle shine from a different angle. “GTA 5” thus acts in phases like another game, like a vision that has come true for the successor. Rockstar Games has also made the leap into the next generation: character models, cars, lighting effects and high-resolution textures – that’s what a “GTA” has to look like today. With the reduced, but still existing edge flicker, pop-ups and frame rate problems, the game makes surprising technical deficits. Therefore, the tested PS4 version of “GTA 5” finally gets the same grade as in the previous generation.

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