GTA 5 Best Tips and Tricks

GTA 5 Best Tips and Tricks

As soon as your copy of GTA 5 comes in, you’re probably eager to get started, but with a game of this dimension, some help can not hurt. If you are looking for some useful beginner tips for your start in Los Santos, you are in the right place. For more detailed help, information on the missions, ancillary tasks, and just about everything else, take a look at our GTA-5 walkthrough for more tips .

GTA 5 Tips for Beginners (and Advanced)

Get to know the city

Los Santos is bigger than everything we know so far in the GTA series, and given that we spend a lot of time here, we should get to know all corners and niches as well as we can. Not only is it fun to explore the city and its facets, it also helps us in navigating and in stressful situations like chases. Since GTA V also has various planes and helicopters available, you should use them to get an overview.

The right creaks …

There are many weapons in GTA V and they can all be useful, but you should find the cigars that are most suitable for you and your situation. For example, if you want to attract little attention, it is important that you use a quieter weapon, preferably with a muffler – you can see on the radar how far the sound of your weapon reaches. Thanks to the large selection of weapons and customizing, you can optimally adapt your equipment.

Some weapons, such as pistols and assault rifles, are good all-around weapons, while others, such as sniper rifles and rocket launchers, are more likely to be useful. Luckily you can carry weapons in every category (similar to Red Dead Redemption), but you need to prioritize when it comes to buying, customizing and upgrading, for example.

… and the right carts

Vehicles, vehicles and again vehicles. GTA has always been known for its many different vehicles, and GTA V takes on a whole new dimension in this regard. As with weapons, the choice of vehicle is a matter of preference and situation. For maximum mobility, motorcycles, sports cars and other sleek cars like muscle cars, but of course they are not very stable – if you expect chases and police presence, do her better to steer a stable car at medium speed. If you have the choice, you should use Franklin as a driver – his special ability is downright absurd if you put him behind the wheel of a car.

Play your game

Let yourself be distracted! GTA is always fun when you play it the way you want it to. Instead of stubbornly heating up from one main mission to the next, you should complete side missions, keep in contact with your friends (and friends) with a cell phone, and occasionally do a mini-game – there’s nothing like a round of yoga or tennis between the whole bunch , Or you go hunting, base jumping or diving. Or you can help some of the bizarre characters in a “strangers and freaks” mission. Or, you know, grab your favorite car, clean up a few cheats, heat up the area, and do nonsense – the world is your playground.

Shops and the stock market

In addition to the well-known stores – especially the Ammu Nation – GTA V has many new shops and chain stores, from garages to clothing stores to an amusement park with the beautiful name Glory Hole. A new feature is BAWSAQ – many of the stores (and some companies that are not directly in-game) are listed and you can buy stock through the official website. Try the stock market – it’s risky, but gun traders, for example, will not be poor in Los Santos.

Real estate and land

Real estate can also be purchased in GTA 5 : If you surf in the ingame Internet browser, you can find and buy various buildings and land here. You can also mark a property here, so that your GPS guides you in the direction of the object. Of course, the real estate business is more for the mid or late game, where you have some money and you do not have to worry about other priorities like guns and cars.

And anyway: the money

For the most important sources of money and earnings, we have put together a video with tips for the account balance :

Three heroes – three times as useful

Franklin, Michael and Trevor can improve and relax the game in many ways by having three of them. You can assist in missions, you can quickly explore different areas of the city by jumping between them and, most importantly, they all have unique and different abilities. Franklin, for example, can drive absurdly precise maneuvers and Trevor becomes a berserk in battle. Use your three characters as best you can.

Practice creates masters

Our heroes can improve in different categories, so do not hesitate to scare them off when they need improvement. Let them do sports to improve their stamina or visit a shooting range to better control their weapons.

If you want to talk about the first experiences and impressions in GTA 5, here is our diary from the first day with GTA 5 , and here is the overall test . If you enjoy its abbreviations and absurd functions, you will find cheats for GTA 5 here . And if you want to know more about our gta 5 money hack, here are the starter tips for GTA Online .

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