GTA 5 : Tips and Tricks for Beginners – How to Conquer Los Santos!

GTA 5 : Tips and Tricks for Beginners - How to Conquer Los Santos!

If you can not find your way around the vast and complex world of GTA 5 Online then rampup2013 has some useful tips and tricks for you. Beginners, in particular, might find it easier to get started in Los Santos with some of the useful aids.

GTA 5 Online Tips and tricks for all beginners

After the first chaotic days with GTA Online the situation at Rockstar seems to have calmed down: Millions of users are now on the servers and make the online version of Los Santos uncertain. The virtual gangsters stop at nothing. Whether wild road races, heated shootouts or fancy missions, GTA Online offers a decent selection for all fans of the series.

However, the road to fame is littered with stones and especially in an online game, the entry can be particularly difficult. So that you survive the first few hours as successfully as possible, we have put together some tips and tricks for you. With our help, you too will surely soon own one of the luxury properties and jet your precious body through Los Santos.

The rocky road to fame – missions bring you money and reputation

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In GTA Online, you have exactly two things to collect, namely money and reputation. With the former, you buy all the important items, with the latter you turn this free in the first place. Whether weapons, car parts or extensions, almost everything can be unlocked only with continuous rank. This means that you have to rise in rank as quickly as possible in order to buy the stylish tuning parts or the thick creak. This is best achieved with the missions of the characters that you already know from GTA 5. Lamar, Simeon or Gerald will give you some easy-to-accomplish tasks at the beginning that will really give you money and reputation.

For example, in Meth’d up, you’re stealing a meth lab that’s in a caravan in the desert. Just two minutes need experienced players for this mission, and get after all good 5,000 US dollars. By the way, the equally opulent commission Violent Duct was defused by Rockstar. Instead of the previously $ 9,000, players only receive $ 3,000 per startup.

On the tarmac there is always something to bring – Easy money through racing

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If you are looking for a safe source of income, then we can only recommend the racing scene of GTA Online. Although fiercely fought for any place here, but you also get a small bonus for the second or third place. If the loser in the death matches or missions mostly empty, you can even here with a mediocre performance still earn your money. Even beginners book so already first success, because not only the winner of the race will be rewarded. In addition, probably every GTA fan can maneuver a car through the streets, sometimes get the traffic and the arrogance of the opponents already the rest.

Deathmatches and LTS: Rough Pavement and Weapon Camp

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The deathmatches in GTA Online are probably one of the most difficult disciplines of the game. Especially in the competition with other players every mistake is severely punished, the ignorance of map or control is exploited mercilessly. Hardeners are still the Last Team Stand fights, in which you will not respawn after your death. So you can struggle for a long time, but in the end, but go out because you lost.

However, there are some rules that must be followed in the game so that you will be the winner. Meaningless Rush will bring you nothing at GTA Online namely nothing better: Hide behind coverings and walls, you will receive a massive advantage in the change of fire. As soon as the first bullets catch the opponent, you should also try to aim the crosshair up at the enemy’s head to turn it off faster. If you act cautiously and surprise your opponents in the open field, then you can even eliminate your opponents with a poorer armament. They use their equipped weapons from Los Santos in Deathmatch, which should be a horror, especially for beginners.

The pistols have little to report in the Death match, so you should get hold of the Uzis or Shotgun lying around. The higher firepower not only helps you to win, you can also use the weapons after the fight in the Open World. For newcomers, the death matches are therefore above all a good weapon store.

The bank is your friend, at least online

You’ve earned a lot of money through missions, races or deathmatches, and then you’re just robbing another player? If you lose your money in this nasty way, then you should contact your local bank. In GTA Online, you do not just enter them to rob them, they learn their true function.

Using ATMs in stores or your smartphone, you can transfer your funds to an account to protect them from robbers. And if you are already in the shops, you can also earn new dollars.

Vendetta in GTA Online – suspend bounty or strike yourself

But what if you do not leave a player alone or you feel like messing up somebody’s game? Once you’ve met Lester in online mode, you can put a bounty on a player. He does not know who wants his death, but all other players know that a small murder could really make money. Or you can do your own vendetta and face your own goal. For this you simply have to mark the player in the overview. It lights up on your radar and can be easily tracked throughout the city. But beware: If you misbehave, other players can do the same to you.

For two, it just sounds better

While most players do not want to find you, you should definitely be with some people. If you can play GTA Online together with private friends, you can do it too. First of all, communication is easier, especially since on the Playstation 3 few people have really good working headsets. In addition, Los Santos is not always as crowded as you might think.

Especially unpopular missions or commissions away from the city tend to be poorly visited, many recreational activities have to do without players completely. An active friend is a guarantee that you never have to play GTA Online alone, because you just do not want to wait for the other players. You can mark your friend on the map, or invite directly to the various missions.

Contact your fellow campaigners

If you can not get help from the other players, the characters from the singleplayer could also help you. Merryweather sends you a heavy air attack, Lamar some crazy guys. However, this help is not in vain and can not be triggered from the beginning. Even so, the NPCs can make the difference in tricky situations and are a nice feature in GTA Online.

Sky is the Limit – How to get helicopters

If you are tired of the fighting on the ground, you can always go up in the air. So you have to control helicopters or planes in many missions, whole competitions are only about the perfect parachute jump. But even outside the missions, you can rely on a nice arsenal of flying vehicles. For example, helicopters can be found at the helipad near Vespucci Beach, at Sandy Shores Airfield, or on the runway at Los Santos Airport.

Death or parachute jump: So you come back among people

If you are stranded in the desert far away from any civilization, the return to the road or a vehicle can be quite tedious. There are two shortcuts: First, you could easily kill yourself, because virtual death costs only a small fine and you wake up in the middle of the city in a hospital. The second way, however, is more elegant: you simply host a parachute jump in the middle of the city. So you get reputation and are back in civilization.

Passive mode: Ignore your attackers

A very successful invention of GTA Online is the passive mode: If you do not feel like a duel with another GTA player or too much money in the pockets to get involved in the risky competition, then simply ignore your opponent. You can not get shot with Passive mode, you can not shoot anyone for that. So if a player gets on your nerves, then just go into passive mode, there he can not bother you. The exception to this is the car that he can still drive over. But the passive mode protects you from the attacks of the enemy players.

Just before a mission, it is wise to switch to passive mode. If a game session is resolved, the players are usually released in the immediate vicinity in Los Santos, which, unsurprisingly, usually ends in a bloodbath.

All extras for your car: garages, insurance and tracking

Your car is probably the most important item in GTA Online. The vehicle will take you from A to B and the body will reflect your wealth and social prestige. If you do not want to lose your vehicle five minutes after the expensive tuning, then GTA Online gives you some extras. A tracking system always gives you information about the current location of your car, which should protect against theft.

In addition, after the insurance has been taken out, you can blow up your vehicle and you can immediately request a new one. The coronation, however, offers its own garage: Mechanics repair your car, while you get a vehicle delivered to the roadside at any time.

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Car theft: Lucrative deals and luxury traps

In principle, one is not averse to car theft in GTA Online: You can not actually walk ten meters without getting the chance to steal a car somewhere. In addition, you can sell your stolen vehicles profitably to the tuning shops, which provides especially in between for good money. Really lucrative, however, are the various car thefts of Simeon, which has distributed in addition to the classic missions also some target cars in the city.

As soon as such a car appears, you should grab the vehicle. On the other hand, you should keep your fingers off real luxury carts. Cops automatically respond to the hot sleds, which can not be sold either. Financially, the theft of luxury cars brings little, but you can earn a reputation through the chase with the police properly.

Discover Los Santos

The creators of GTA Online have undoubtedly created a very impressive world. If Los Santos left a lasting impression offline, the possibilities in the online world are even bigger. All leisure activities such as tennis, arm wrestling, golf, etc. can now be done against a human player.

The shops are just waiting to be robbed by you, the subsequent chase you get for free. In addition, you can discover missions, conduct street fights or organize spontaneous races against other players. There is money and reputation for almost everything, which is why we call you to: Discover Los Santos and its possibilities in online mode, you will then have a lot to tell.

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