GTA Online casino update: everything you need to know about the GTA 5

GTA Online casino update: everything you need to know about the GTA 5

Finally: A casino opens in GTA 5 Online. The Diamond Casino & Resort invites all gamblers to gambling and exclusive shopping in the summer. Rockstar Games releases a new update to the casino in GTA 5 Online. Promises include “first-class entertainment” and “state-of-the-art gambling offers”. So are players finally getting access to popular games like poker, blackjack and roulette? Shortly Rockstar Games wants to announce more information about the Casino DLC.

In GTA 5 Online you can soon enter a casino

finally! As Rockstar Games announces, Diamond Casino & Resort is due to open in Los Santos this summer. “While you were standing in the slow traffic on the LS Freeway, you may have noticed the new construction project that is slowly taking shape in a small building between the Vinewood Hills and the picturesque backdrop of the Tataviam mountain range,” the developers say. This refers to the new Diamond Casino & Resort.

The brand new “luxury travel destination and the largest entertainment complex of its kind” in southern San Andreas is expected to open its doors this summer. A specific date Rockstar Games has not yet called. It also remains to be seen which gambling games can be operated in the GTA 5 casino. After all, there is now a first lookout. Rockstar Games comments, “The Diamond Casino & Resort has something for every taste, generous amenities, exclusive shopping, world-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming.” According to the developers, the casino is open to all – whether you want to play alone or with friends.

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It also promises outstanding guest service, valet parking, the exhilaration of spinning the wheel of fortune with the chance of life changing profits, a carefully curated selection of the finest drops in the bars and lounges, and a series of challenging table games. So it’s possible that players of GTA 5 Online will finally enjoy long-awaited games like poker and blackjack. And best of all, it seems you can pocket a lot of GTA dollars in the GTA 5 casino that you can spend in the game world – assuming that you have some luck in the game, of course. In the near future the developers want to announce further details.

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